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08 Jun 2005


Hey ya'll jesus psychos out their. i want to welcome you to your new site. this is not about me. this is about the lord 100%. this is your site as much as it is mine. as you know 2 & 1/2 months ago, i was begging to die and it wasn't from drugs. it was GOD calling me to come to him. i feel like i was put in korn to witness every trick the enemy does with music in this world in order to turn my knowledge around to glorify GOD. the time has come for the lost children of GOD that got abused by parents, peers, family members, society, teachers, churches or whatever else in this messed up world, to put on body armor for the lord and claim this country for god without feeling fear from public ridicule. he will bless us with strength in every way if we are loyal to him so say goodbye to the quiet wimpy you. ask him to bless everything and everyone in your life that you want blessed, OR IT WON'T GET BLESSED. PLEASE HEAR ME ON THE POWER OF PRAYER. you people who have been lost are now found. you people who have felt like nobodies, have now been put in a position to HELP change his-story. Our love for christ has to be loud and done with love. As everyone knows, sometimes love hurts. It's on! do not live this life for personal gain or you will end up on your face in confusion. do not live this life to try and be GOD. we are the lord's body, he is our brain. listen to him with your heart and don't let your brain get in the way. I WILL NOT FALL FROM MY WALK WITH THE LORD! EVER! I welcome all the positivity from this new life, and all the negativity too because the lord shines through me as he does all of my brothers and sisters and will be our defender in every way. I LOVE YOU ALL. WELCOME TO THE ARMY. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY. LETS GROW IN CHRIST TOGETHER. NOTHING CAN STOP US IF WE DON'T LOSE SITE IF WHO'S RUNNIN THE SHOW, KNOW WUTUM SAYIN?
we have all been given the answer to the question of life.

I LOVE YOU ALL, your brother from another mother,

12.10.06 23:55

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