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14 Sep 2006

Heads Plans

Former KORN guitarist Brian "Head" Welch (photo) has announced plans to release a documentary film, "Washed by Blood", and his debut solo album, "It's Time to See Religion Die".

According to the film's official synopsis, the "Washed by Blood" story, in a nutshell, "is the unraveling of the man, 'Head', as well as the unraveling of a culture. Head is the multi-platinum winning rock star who takes us on a roller coaster ride to the heights of fame and fortune and then into the pit of hell. Through his unraveling, the true man is revealed... the father, the poet, the musician. Untangled from the encumbrances and lies of materialism, Head comes through with the faith of a child. He has experienced both the highest highs and the ultimate lows. Lows that included drug addiction, ruined relationships, failing at fatherhood. From this darkened inferno, rose a soul...a spirit...a new force...One who will now use his talent to reveal the truth. Through a combination of documentary style-footage, showing life as a recording artist, along with musically inspired dramatizations and that are shot in various formats, in combination with animated vignettes, interviews with former band members and current friends and associates; as well as travel footage from his philanthropy work in India we come to understand how one man, with personal strength and determination could crawl out from the pits of hell and aspire to rise to the heights of a new found life and a new found faith. This is the telling of one man's story, one man's journey...revealed by prophets and destined by God."

"It's Time to See Religion Die" is being recorded at the Fortitude Studios in Phoenix, Arizona. The record is a part of a multi-layered franchise consisting of a movie "Washed by Blood", the book "Head Home", 12 music videos, and a full merchandising line being planned in conjunction with his tour.

No release date has yet been announced for either the solo album or the film.

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